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Ruby in Oxidised 925 Solid Sterling Silver Handmade Wire-Wrap Pendant

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Ruby in oxidised 925 solid sterling silver square wires.
Features a faceted flashy ruby with natural lines inside.
Comes with stainless steel snake chain necklace and polishing cloth.


Width: 1.3 cm
Length: 4.2 cm

Metaphysical Info

Chakra: Root, Heart

Crystal Meanings: Love, Vitality, Strength, Confidence

Jewellery Care Tips

  • Keep it shiny and clean by wiping with a polishing cloth before and after wearing.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals, solutions, saltwater, lotions, creams, perfumes and any other liquids that may react with the bare copper/sterling silver, wear down the tarnish-resistant coating for silver-plated wires or damage the crystal, especially those that are porous.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight when not worn, as some crystals' colour will fade with prolonged exposure.
  • Remove before showering/bathing, exercising or sleeping to minimise contact with natural oils and perspiration.
  • Pat your jewellery dry with a soft cloth gently if it gets wet.
  • Do not wash or wet the polishing cloth meant for copper and sterling silver jewellery, as doing so will reduce its efficacy.
  • Store jewellery individually in a soft pouch or padded box to minimise impact from other objects and prevent damage to the crystal.

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