Product Disclaimer

All jewellery when shot outdoors are subject to weather conditions on the day of shoot itself, which can affect the outcome of images and appearance of the crystals used, especially those requiring strong light to display sheens, shimmers, and flashes. All jewellery are also specifically shot for their best angles for site display. Colours may slightly differ across varying settings of devices and screens.

Any crystal meanings or benefits listed should be treated as a reference or my personal interpretation. I am not an energy worker or spiritual healer, and I do not take responsibility for any claims of spiritual healing or any other effects that may (or not) be felt from the crystals. All recipients are responsible for energetic cleansing and charging of the crystals they receive. Please consider seeking professional consultation for any physical or emotional issues that you might be looking to heal, and treat all crystals as supplementary help.

All customers are encouraged to use their personal necklace that has been proven safe for their skin. I will not be responsible for any skin problems that may arise from wearing of the pendant and usage of the chain/cord necklace that was included. Please seek professional help if you develop any discomfort from contact with the metal or necklace.