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Mother Of Pearl Fluorite Doublet in 14K Gold Fill Handmade Wire-Wrap Pendant

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Mother of pearl and purple fluorite doublet in 14K gold fill square wires.
Features two natural materials formed into one cabochon, wrapped in beautiful overlaying swirls.
Comes with matching stainless steel chain necklace and polishing cloth.
Please note the line at the corner is part of the Fluorite's natural layers and is not a defect.


Width: 1.2 cm
Length: 4.2 cm

Metaphysical Info

Chakra: Third Eye

Crystal Meanings: Clarity, Focus, Protection

Jewellery Care Tips

  • Keep it shiny and clean by wiping with a polishing cloth before and after wearing.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals, solutions, saltwater, lotions, creams, perfumes and any other liquids that may react with the bare copper/sterling silver, wear down the tarnish-resistant coating for silver-plated wires or damage the crystal, especially those that are porous.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight when not worn, as some crystals' colour will fade with prolonged exposure.
  • Remove before showering/bathing, exercising or sleeping to minimise contact with natural oils and perspiration.
  • Pat your jewellery dry with a soft cloth gently if it gets wet.
  • Do not wash or wet the polishing cloth meant for copper and sterling silver jewellery, as doing so will reduce its efficacy.
  • Store jewellery individually in a soft pouch or padded box to minimise impact from other objects and prevent damage to the crystal.

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